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Fanfiction websites are a great tool for budding writers to easily showcase their talent to a large audience at once, share their creativity, and get reviews from like-minded people. Penlighten gives you a list of 13 most popular fanfiction websites. An Original Xena Story "She's an adult. She can take care of herself. Maybe it's time she did." As she swung into the saddle, she wondered briefly which one of them she was trying to convince. ~~~~~ Gabrielle glanced over at the woman beside her. Zo had been silent for quite a while and she was beginning to wonder if she had said something.

Scene 1. Scene: Gabrielle and Xena are walking down a dusty trail leading didlo.xyz, wait, the trail is muddy. And Xena is riding while Gabrielle walks beside. In the mud. Or maybe they're on a path through the deep, dark woods. And next, Xena rushes back from a scouting trip, only to discover that Gabrielle has already departed the inn, accompanied by a male warrior. 01/16/05 Bargin Hunting & Debts 32KB Xena/Gabrielle. Two more unrelated pieces. Xena is in the mood for a bargain. And, someone from Xena's past sends a warrior to remind her of an old debt.

Fanfiction. Literature 'Callisto', the poem. Callisto This story is indeed a Xena x Gabrielle one, just a small amusing oneshot idea I had in my head. Contains adult themes but nothing graphic, and is meant to truly just be an amusing, short read. I don't own Xena: Warrior Princess and all that good stuff. A child who objects to the Three Bears snacking on Goldilocks may be appalled as an adult if Xena and Gabrielle miss their climax in an Altfic romance. [30] Like Anne Rice's erotic Sleeping Beauty series [Note 04], romantic Altfic is an adult fairy tale through which the bard expresses her own beliefs and ideals about loving relationships.

Xena was used to getting similar looks from people she had seduced and from soldiers in her army. It had always made her feel powerful, like she owned them, but somehow from this girl it felt different. Xena didn't have a clue what would, or should, happen next. Her entire adult life she had taken what she wanted. Now, she found herself tempted to push away the one person she wanted most in the world. It would destroy Xena's heart and soul, but the warrior truly believed it would save Gabrielle. Oddly enough Gabrielle's officers never needed.