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Knowing the facts about feeding tubes means that you won’t be rushed into an uninformed decision by medical professionals who aren’t focused on your older adult’s wishes or quality of life. In a hospital, doctors may recommend a feeding tube because it could allow them to discharge the person to a skilled nursing facility sooner, saving. If you’re unable to eat and drink like you used to, a feeding tube can help you get the nutrition you need and lower your chances of choking. Depending on your situation, the tube will run either.

We are transforming the way people are nutritionalized through our high-quality enteral feeding tubes and other products. It is very gratifying to see the impact on the quality of healthcare to children and adults who benefit from the use of our devices. Our products not only affect the lives of children and adults in the US but on a global. Feeding tubes can be temporary or longstanding. Nasal tubes and gastric tubes are the two main types. A nasal tube, which is usually temporary, is nonsurgical. Nasogastric tubes enter the body.

Unfortunately, these feeding tubes are prone to clogging due to factors such as EN formula composition, small internal feeding tube diameters, tube lengths, inadequate water flushes, gastric residual volume measurements, and improper medication preparation and administration. 1,4 A clogged feeding tube can delay administration of nutrients, hydration, and medications to patients. If you have trouble swallowing or can't eat or drink enough through your mouth, you may need a feeding tube. You may get one through your nose or mouth for a few days or weeks while you recover.

Types of Feeding Tubes There are three main kinds of feeding tubes, which include: Nasogastric Tube (NG Tube) —This feeding tube is among the least invasive types of feeding tubes and is only used temporarily. NG tubes are thin and are placed from the nose, through the . What is a feeding tube? A feeding tube is a device that’s inserted into your stomach through your abdomen. It’s used to supply nutrition when you have trouble eating. Feeding tube insertion is also.