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Jan 06,  · But the furry fandom as we know it has its roots in the early-to-mids, when a group of sci-fi con attendees who bonded over anthropomorphic animals organized room parties devoted to . Furry Sex Crime, Testicle-Biting Fish, And The Weirdest News Of the Week. Best of all, Carmelo Flores Laura is a bit of a party boy. He doesn't drink, but he does spend his days in the Bolivian highlands chewing on coca leaves as a "mild stimulant." Of course, with a little processing, coca leaves can be turned into cocaine, and that.

A “Furry,” you see, is a perver I mean, a person who likes to dress up as an animal, usually in one of those oversized costumes like sports mascots wear, and get his/her groove on. (Apparently there is a subspecies of Furry that doesn’t go in for the sex stuff, satisfied with the LARP-ing aspect of the thing, but those types aren’t of. A regular rave is a party where folks dance, drink, party and do their drugs. A regular rave would have been unacceptable then. A Furry Rave included more lude and lascivious behavior, along with.

Billie JD Porter parties with the furries of San Diego for a day in World of the series on All 4: Dec 07,  · A Saylorsburg man who admitted providing a 9-year-old boy for sex at "furry parties" last year was sentenced Friday to 30 years in federal prison.

To me, furry sex is the way sex was meant to be - plush, aesthetic and processing certain purity. You may think that furries are freaks or abominations in the eyes of God (though I challenge you to find a Biblical passage that plainly condemns furrydom) but we are everywhere. The Furry Party is a potential centrist political party located in the UK, with a focus on promoting animal welfare globally, being set up by Fesothe. More Information Chairman of The Furry Party: Jonathan Curley Also known as Velivian Fesothe, Jonathan will be the Chairman of the party and plans to run as a candidate for MP in Bolton.