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Fauvism flourished in Paris from – Henri Matisse was known as the art movement’s leading artist. Our inspiration piece for this art project . Every technical college offers resources to get you started, no matter your background or education level. Refresher (basic) education for adults. Every year, Adult Basic Education (ABE) helps over 70, Wisconsin adults study reading, writing, math and career education at levels ranging from first through twelfth grade.

The Indiana HSE (High School Equivalency) is an alternative for earning a high school diploma. Your HSE Diploma can be earned after completing a test based on five subject areas (math, reading, writing, science and social studies). The skills you are taught and eventually tested on are at the same level as those of graduating high school seniors. Adult Basic Education & High School Equivalency. Explore how PCC's Adult Basic Education for College & Career (ABECC) program can help you improve your reading, writing and math skills, earn a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma, improve your .

Whether you want to improve your career opportunities and earning potential, or want to satisfy a personal goal, your high school credential is a significant milestone. There are several options to meet your individual needs. Adult Basic Education (ABE) helps you prepare to complete your high school credential by building your reading, writing, math, science, social science and . It consists of Core Subject Modules in five core content areas: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. It’s the first and only program available for this level of the learner, and it’s not just Common Core and College & Career Readiness-aligned, but built from the ground up upon these standards.

Receiving your High School Equivalency Diploma is easier than ever before! High School Equivalency classes are offered at no cost to the student and are available year round. Classes cover material from first to twelfth grade and include all five topics of the TASC test (reading, writing, science, social studies, and math). The HSED is earned by passing a battery of five HiSET subject tests including Reading, Writing (includes an essay), Social Studies, Science, and Math. You can use your calculator or the embedded calculator on the entire Math test. Upon successful completion of the HiSET test battery, the diploma is awarded by the Iowa Department of Education.