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Adult Probation Probation is the formal supervision of individuals who have been convicted of a felony offense or a misdemeanor which has been reduced from a felony offense. The individuals are given community sanctions rather than a prison term. The Probation Department is committed to providing offenders with the best possible resources available to assist them in being successful while on supervision. In the structured approach of RRR offenders are given access to evidence based treatments and programing to build the necessary skills to live productive crime-free lives.

The Adult Probation Department is located at 53 University Avenue, in the Downtown Akron area. The Intake Staff is the first contact for offenders referred to Probation. The individuals in Intake are responsible for gathering initial information, DNA collection, and referring the Offenders to a Probation Officer. adult Probation The Franklin County Common Pleas Court - General Division Adult Probation Department is an essential partner in the County’s criminal justice system and contributes to public safety through its court services, supervision and treatment referral functions.

The Fulton County Adult Probation Department is a branch of the Common Pleas Court and is assigned various responsibilities. About The Probation Services Department is committed to providing supervision and investigative services for felony and misdemeanor cases. The Department provides meaningful intervention with offenders/litigants by addressing major areas of risk/need, providing timely communication to the Court, and monitoring offender behavior.

The Adult Probation Department supervises offenders who have been convicted of felony offenses by the Guernsey County Common Pleas Court, as well as . The Portage County Adult Probation Department offers alternative sentencing options to the Common Pleas and Municipal Courts with the goal of reducing commitments to state penal institutions and the County Jail.