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Recidivism is an important feature when considering the core criminal justice topics of incapacitation, specific deterrence and rehabilitation. Incapacitation refers to the effect of a sanction to stop people from committing crime by removing the offender from the community. Recidivism among Older Adults 5 Correlates of Older Adult Recidivism Broadly speaking, correlates of recidivism fall into one of two domains: demographic characteristics or criminogenic factors. Demographic characteristics commonly cited as related to recidivism include education, employment, race, marital status, and Size: KB.

In , adult correctional systems supervised an estimated million individuals in the United States with 1 in 36 adults (or %) being under some form of correctional supervision. While the etiology of criminal behavior is complex (see Chapter 2, "Etiology of Adult Sexual Offending," in the Adult section) and recidivism results from a range of personal and social factors, it is important to recognize that recidivism is not simply another term for repeat offending.