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Social media users have been responsible for reporting events before traditional media outlets, including the Paris attacks in France on Nov. 13, (Twitter, Facebook, and Vine), the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and Sierra Leone in July (Twitter), the Boston marathon bombing on Apr. 15, (Twitter), and the Aurora, CO, theater shooting. Jan 29,  · All the top LGBTQ+ social networks on the web (not to be confused with the best gay blogs, which have less interaction), including niche social communities (like bears, twinks, and cubs) as well as LGBTQ+ networks organized by language, nationality, or special list of LGBTQ+ online communities and social networks includes domains relating specifically to the gay, lesbian.

Aug 06,  · Social media addiction is becoming more commonplace, and it may have serious repercussions to your physical and mental health. Learn how to . Dec 21,  · Other studies also have observed links between high levels of social media use and depression or anxiety symptoms. A study of more than teens found that greater social media use, nighttime social media use and emotional investment in social media — such as feeling upset when prevented from logging on — were each linked with worse sleep quality and higher levels of .

Apr 07,  · Adult content is easily accessible on social media sites/apps and in a previous post, we shared a video link that shared some of the impact of violent or adult material a developing brain. Now comes a poll from the UK that shares data that more than 50% of year olds have viewed violent, sexual or adult oriented material on social media. Mar 30,  · Social media is a great platform to share important health information. It’s also a key place to gather real-time research and insights. Most important, social media is a way to support patients and the public in an easy-to-access and timely way. Hootsuite makes it easy for healthcare professionals and organizations to manage social media.

Aug 29,  · According to Pew Research’s most recent social media fact sheet, 69% of adults between and 40% of those above 65 use social media. Perhaps more interestingly, 41% of Facebook users are 65+. Furthermore, as of the third quarter of , Statista reported that 58% of adults above the age of 56 use YouTube. Xpurity is the ultimate social platform for like-minded adults. An uncensored, unfiltered experience without the fear of shadow banning, blocked, or account deletion for merely being a responsible adult. A safer social space Xpurity is one of the only social media networks that has implemented a free, optional member verification method.