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Here, you'll find many kinds of spanking stories: F/m, M/m, M/f, F/M, F/f, etc. I'm quite busy, so I will not make promises about how often I update the site. Each time I update, I'll publish a new issue with several stories. Issue March' Extra Issue 4. Issue January' My Philosophy on the Spanking of Minors and Kaitlyn's First Spanking: 5: 45, An essay and a story. Mild: M/f: Children: Love at First Sight: 4: 8, At his new school, a boy discovers students are spanked right in front of the class. Intense: F/f, M/m: Children:

Erin starts our day with great sex, ends it with chastity and a spanking. Spanking F/M, Sexual Content, Female Led Marriage (FLM), Femdom: N: Erin – 11 – Strapped and Forgiven: Erin straps me, forgives me, and the next day we shop for a corset. Spanking F/M, Female Led Marriage (FLM), Male Chastity, Femdom: N: Erin – 12 – On the Runway. Even Good Girls Need Spanking — An Erotic Story. A college girl gets some punishment [FM][light domination][spanking] This is the first story I’ve written that is .