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In veterinary medicine, adult stem cells can be found in all tissues in a pet’s body, including bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissue. Adult stem cells are capable of repair and regeneration of various tissues because they have the potential to differentiate into specialized cells of an organ. Serra Veterinary Hospital, Inc., in conjunction with VetStem, is now able to offer regenerative cell therapy with adult stem cell treatment for canine osteoarthritis. Serra Veterinary Hospital is one of a few locations that are currently approved by VetStem to provide this treatment for canines.

Veterinarians usually use stromal, or adult, stem cells taken from adipose, or fat, tissue for stem-cell therapy. Before treatment begins, dogs are evaluated to determine their function level. In order to benefit dogs, the therapy must generate new cells to do the work of damaged ones. Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs Stem cell technology is a new and exciting branch of veterinary medicine. Stem cells are cells that can be safely harvested from a variety of adult animal tissues. Once harvested, the stem cells can be injected and induced to .

Our dog Stem Cells are adult multipotent Stem Cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and are able to regenerate tissues such as cartilage, bone, tendon and muscle. If your dog has arthritis Stem Cells can reduce pain (inflammation), can help regenerate new cartilage cells and thereby can help to eliminate the problem. Aug 24,  · “Concise review: Stem cell trials using companion animal disease models.” Stem Cells ; 4 Lee SH, Setyawan EMN, Choi YB, et al. “Clinical assessment after human adipose stem cell transplantation into dogs.” J Vet Sci ; 19(3):

To this end, a research team from Japan, led by Associate Professor Shingo Hatoya from Osaka Prefecture University, has been working on isolating "induced pluripotent stem cells" (iPSCs) from.