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Because a bloated stomach causes discomfort on its own, an umbilical hernia in adults can be quite painful. Bowel movements and coughing exacerbate already present symptoms and in the event of a strangulated hernia, not only is the symptomatic pain persistent, the situation must be treated immediately with surgery as risk for peritonitis, a severe infection, is greatly increased. A hernia of the abdominal wall is a protrusion of the abdominal contents through an acquired or congenital area of weakness or defect in the wall. Many hernias are asymptomatic, but some become incarcerated or strangulated, causing pain and requiring immediate surgery. Diagnosis is clinical. Treatment is elective surgical repair.

When the baby is born, the abdominal muscles are supposed to join together, and if they do not do so completely, tissue may protrude through the opening. To a lesser extent, umbilical hernias also occur in adults. But when it happens to an adult, it can be a medical emergency. Having a hernia can be a traumatic didlo.xyz: Dee M. Adult Abdominal Hernias. Kevin P. Murphy 1, Owen J. O'Connor 1 and Michael M. Maher 1. Share + Affiliation: 1 All authors: Department of Radiology, Cork University Hospital and University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. Citation: American Cited by:

Oct 01,  · Paraesophageal hernia – Happens when the stomach pushes into the chest with the esophagus and can result in a serious complication. Traumatic diaphragmatic hernia – occurs after major injury. Feb 06,  · A hiatal hernia is when your stomach bulges up into your chest through an opening in your diaphragm, the muscle that separates the two areas. The opening is called the hiatus, so this condition is.

Jan 16,  · Inguinal hernias, which occur more frequently in boys than girls, are the most common type of abdominal hernias. Inguinal hernias and femoral hernias are both groin hernias, and they occur in the area between the lower abdomen and the thigh. Umbilical hernias occur directly beneath or near the navel. Nov 16,  · An umbilical hernia is a bulge through the abdominal wall near your umbilicus (belly button). The hernia may contain tissue from the abdomen, part of an organ (such as the intestine), or fluid. What increases my risk for an umbilical hernia? Umbilical hernias usually happen because of a hole or weak area in your abdominal muscles.