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Four Kinds of Love There are four Greek words for love that are important for Christians to understand. They are agape, phileo, storge, and eros. Three of them appear in the Bible. I. Eros is the word from which we get "erotic." If agape is the love of hugging, then phileo is the love of kissing. Then eros covers more intimate acts. The excitement of phileo may lead to eros, but they are different.

Feb 23,  · Love. Spiritually speaking, there are three types of love; philos, eros and agape. Philos love is mental and earthly love that is found in friendships, marriages and family ties. Eros love is a “physical” passionate love and Agape love is spiritual and easily defined as an unconditional love. Philos love is mental and earthly love. These terms are phileo, agape, storge, and eros. The two latter Greek terms for love are not mentioned in the Bible, although we do see them expressed in certain stories. To better understand phileo love, it must be defined as one part of these four terms. Storge .

Jun 14,  · Agape is God’s love. Phileo is friendship love or brotherly love. Storge is protective love or parental love. Eros is romantic love.’“I said, ‘Do you realize marriage is the only one that pulls these four together – agape, phileo, storge and eros?’ I said, ‘And if you take agape out of that, eros is gone for whatever you want to do. Artikel kali ini akan membahas tentang rahasia dari empat kasih dari bahasa Yunani yang seringkali menjadi pertanyaan, yaitu adalah storge, eros, phileo dan agape. Penulis tidak akan bertele-tele, tetapi langsung kepada point-nya saja.

Mar 25,  · De andere soorten liefde (Storge, Phileo, Agape) kan elk mens vrij gebruiken, maar EROS is beperkt tot binnen de huwelijksrelatie. EROS wordt uitgedrukt in poëzie, bevestigende woorden, het hof maken, die speciale blik in de ogen en ook een gevoel dat je niet gelukkig kunt zijn in je leven zonder elkaars kameraadschap en liefde. List of concepts. Though there are more Greek words for love, variants and possibly subcategories, a general summary considering these Ancient Greek concepts are as follows. Agápe (ἀγάπη agápē) means "love: esp. brotherly love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God". Agape is used in ancient texts to denote feelings for one's children and the .