The Metamorphosis Of Sarah - an adult insect produced after metamorphosis


an adult insect produced after metamorphosis - The Metamorphosis Of Sarah

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imago. 1. an adult sexually mature insect produced after metamorphosis. 2. Psychoanal an idealized image of another person, usually a parent, acquired in childhood and carried in the unconscious in later life. Collins Discovery Encyclopedia, 1st edition © . Aphids are small sap-sucking insects and members of the superfamily names include greenfly and blackfly, although individuals within a species can vary widely in color. The group includes the fluffy white woolly aphids.A typical life cycle involves flightless females giving living birth to female nymphs—who may also be already pregnant, an adaptation .

Animal development - Animal development - Metamorphosis: Metamorphosis, the transformation of the larva into an adult, is a more or less complicated process depending on the degree of difference between the two forms. The transformation may be gradual, extend over a long period, and involve a number of intermediate stages; alternatively, the transformation may be . In pterygotic insects (those which do have wings), there are several types of metamorphosis. These types are categorized into three categories, dictated by the amout and type of change the insect undergoes. They are: Hemimetaboly (incomplete metamorphosis): when insect emerges from the egg, it is known as a nymph. The nymph resembles the adult.

In more advanced insects (e.g., grasshoppers, termites, true bugs) a phenomenon known as gradual, or hemimetabolous, metamorphosis occurs. The hemimetabolous life cycle consists of egg, nymph, and adult. The nymph, or immature insect, resembles the adult in form and eating habits, differing in size, body proportions, and colour pattern. Adult insect post-metamorphosis. Adult stage of an insect. Big bug. Cricket stage. Fully-developed specimen kept in trim, a golfer. Grasshopper stage.