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May 25,  · Dyslexia in adults has many symptoms that usually require an in-person assessment with a psychologist. There are several types of tests your doctor may run to Author: Diana Wells. The topics covered in this adult dyslexia section will help you to succeed and get the most out of your future. It can be hard to deal with dyslexia in adulthood, especially if you did not receive the right help and guidance at school. This is why it's so essential to take control of your situation and stop dyslexia from holding you back.

Fully understand how dyslexia specifically affects you. Decide on the best course of action for self-development. Get the most out of reading and writing for both communication and pleasure. Develop strong intellectual self-esteem. Mar 13,  · Dyslexia is a lifelong learning disability. Dyslexic children become dyslexic adults. Some of the supports that help children will also be effective for adults, but their life situation may be different. Rather than navigating the 82%(23).

Adults who exhibit symptoms of dyslexia may have been untreated as children, or, according to NINDS, may have suffered a brain injury. Dealing with dyslexia can be an arduous process, but with strong commitment and systematic strategies, it is possible to lessen its severity and to overcome it. Relearn sounds and letter recognition.