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A CTS cycling training camp is your opportunity to focus on your passion. For a weekend or a week, take the opportunity to eat, sleep, and train like a full-time cyclist. You'll log miles and build fitness in some of the most iconic cycling 5/5. Feb 15,  · The Roam Retreats are all-inclusive ride weekends that are designed to be mini-vacations for women who love to shred. Unlike most of the other camps on this list, Roam Retreats do NOT .

SOCAPA MOUNTAIN CAMP is an educational adventure mtb camp geared towards avid mountain bikers, ages and , who also have a passion for action filmmaking. The camps, for both . Ride camps are a mix of guided and self-guided rides, focused on building your base miles for your cycling season or training for a big event. As a result, these trips focus on the physical dimension and .