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At Mayo Clinic, research is essential to improving patient care. See how discoveries are translated into therapies that improve lives. Find clinical trials. Dec 30,  · Dick Casull’s case is longer, thicker, stronger and will beat the venerable Colt cartridge by over fps with any bullet weight. Pushing a grain to a muzzle velocity of 1, fps, you can effectively use a Casull to hunt anything on the North American continent. Structurally, the Casull case is more than an elongated Colt.

Apr 27,  · Dick was one of the great “wildcatters”—people who modify existing cartridges or develop entirely new ones. Most wildcat cartridges don’t make it out of the experimental phase, but Dick’s Colt experiments resulted in the more powerful Casull cartridge. Feb 21,  · Career Development and Guidance: Worksheets, Handouts and Workbooks • Home • Careers • Skills • Schools • Job Market • Educators .

Richard J. Casull (/ kəˈsuːl /) (February 15, – May 6, ) was a Salt Lake City -born gunsmith and wildcat cartridge developer whose experiments with Colt ammunition in the s led to the creation of the Casull cartridge. LICENSE AGREEMENT This License Agreement (this "Agreement") made and entered into the 14th day of October by and between RICHARD J. CASULL, an individual also doing business as Dick Casull Research and Development, as " Licensor," individually, and any entity owned or controlled by Licensor, and CASULL ARMS CORPORATION, a Delaware .

In Dick Casull was working for P.O. Ackley building custom guns, barrels and performing destructive testing on a variety of firearms. Fascination with powerful and accurate sixguns resulted in his converting a era Colt Single Action Army to a wildcat Magnum prior to Remington introducing its commercial Magnum in December Dec 09,  · The late inventor Dick Casull (above) designed the cartridge bearing his name just four short years after the Magnum’s debut as a wildcat round, which means there were no factory loaded rounds available.