Asian Girl With Fat Ass First Vore Experience - fat fetish feeders and gainers


fat fetish feeders and gainers - Asian Girl With Fat Ass First Vore Experience

Mar 27,  · Directed by Alastair Cook, Robert Davis. A look at the sub-culture of "feeders" - men who are continue feed large women to encourage them to gain more weight to the point where the women become immobile and risk their lives. Featuring interviews with both the male feeders and the women they feed. Jul 13,  · Enablers persuade gainers to let them buy the food for them. But this has not to be limited to only food. Feeders: A borrow-word from the feeder/feedee-fetish, but is used to denote the same group: Those whose interest is to feed gainers and get their sexual kick out of seeing the gainer grow under their care.

Nov 13,  · The fat fetish is often depicted as a slim man and a fat woman but Feeder relationships fall under the fat fetishism category but are unique in one specific regard. Gainers Author: Sofia Petkar. If you want to chat about my fat gaining journey, text me on KIK at: fatgainer4feeder.

Aug 02,  · There’s a small gay male contingency in feederism, Terry and Vasey point out, but this fat fetish couture is overwhelmingly a heterosexual affair: men are the feeders . Jun 30,  · Lusting for Fat: Gainers Come Out of the Closet. In gainers and feeders, body dysmorphia and sexual obsession are "interwined," he said. "The fetish may be in our heads, but the plaque is.

ffambrosia - A community for FFAs and BHM - the mods from ffambrosia put up a run down of the site’s recent features for connecting Female Fat Admirers and Feeders with guys who are fat or want to get fatter. Or if you want to jump the line, visit their site directly at! Community Spotlight: From Thin to Fat. Oct 29,  · The feeder’s job is to help the gainer become fat, an arrangement that gives both parties satisfaction. A common aspiration among gainers is a state of immobility, where he or she is too fat to move around without help. At this point the .