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giovanni casanova and condoms - Diary of Casanova (1993) 2.

Apr 05,  · Giovanni Giacomo Casanova de Seingalt (–), the womaniser, described in his memoirs one he called an ‘English overcoat’ as being used not only for prophylactic purposes but to prevent his partners from becoming pregnant. 10 But although ‘Condon is a Name’ as mentioned by Joseph Browne in Almonds for Parrots (), the identity. The term condom is actually a corruption of the name of an 18th-century British physician, Dr. John Conton, who provided condoms to France's King Charles II. The legendary lover Giovanni Casanova () used pieces of sheep intestine to protect himself against venereal disease. The first condom manufacturer in the U.S. was Schmid Laboratories.

Dec 07,  · He was definitely in a box in the theater for the premiere of “Don Giovanni” in Prague on Oct. 29, and verses written in the condoms’ honor. Despite Casanova’s enthusiasm for. Mar 06,  · Legendary 18th century lover Giovanni Casanova used them during his amorous adventures -- and, grateful as he was for them, was probably the first to complain about condoms on record, deriding them.