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Captain Ahab is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists in Herman Melville's Moby-Dick (). He is the monomaniacal captain of the whaling ship didlo.xyz a previous voyage, the white whale Moby Dick bit off Ahab's leg, and he now wears a prosthetic leg made out of whalebone. The whaling voyage of the Pequod ends up as a hunt for revenge on the whale, . The quote, “Choice, not chance determines destiny” by Aristotle is a quote that can be connected to the story of Moby Dick in many different ways, but at the same time can be hard to follow when comparing the truth in the statement against the book.

Furthermore, America’s subjugation of not only southern slaves but also the Native Americans, whose lands were conquered as a result of the US’ devotion to Manifest Destiny, are symbolized in Moby Dick by the class system on the ship and how Ahab and his madness dictate the ship’s . Moby is coming! It’s a new year and a new day at Moby Dick House of Kabob. Over the past few months, we have worked with our partners to update our technology and create new operating systems throughout our stores, arming them with the latest programs designed specifically for restaurants, and streamlining our internal operations to improve the overall Missing: destiny.

No one believes more strongly in fate than Ahab, whose monomaniacal pursuit of Moby Dick is based, not just on the desire for revenge, but a belief that it is his destiny to slay the whale. The world-renowned classic, Moby Dick written by Herman Melville, explores the tragic tale of Ahab and his crew as revenge is proven to be a bringer of death and the role of fate is woven throughout the novel.

He proclaims, however, that he will be both “prophet” and “fulfiller” of Moby Dick’s destiny. He accepts the inequality of the battle and challenges Moby Dick, claiming that the whale cannot avoid his fate: “The path to my fixed purpose is laid with . Moby Dick, novel () by Herman Melville detailing the voyage of the Pequod, a whaling vessel whose captain is intent on finding the white sperm whale Moby Dick. The novel was not well received at first but is now widely regarded as Melville’s magnum opus and one of the greatest novels in American literature.